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Collier County Public School 2022-2023 Assessment Results Are In

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When we were first considering moving to the Naples area all those years ago, education was my biggest concern because of my then first and second grade daughters. We enrolled the girls in the public schools after guidance from a professional educational consultant and figured we could always choose one of the many private schools in the area if we found we weren't happy with the public school path. With girls about the graduate from Collier County Schools, I am pleased to share that we had a very positive educational experience with both of them. Recognizing that other parents may have some of the same questions while evaluating the area as a possible place to move the family, I wanted to share the most recent public school assessment report that was released yesterday.

Attached below is the full assessment brief for Collier County Public School 2022-2023 Assessment Results. Here are some overarching summary comments from the County Superintendent that accompanied the brief.

2022-2023 CCPS School Assessment Report
Download • 709KB

June 29, 2023

Today, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) released 2023 spring assessment results for schools across the state.

Notable highlights include:

  • Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) outperformed the state in 19 of the 21 assessed areas

  • Student performance in English Language Arts (ELA) was strong at every grade level and outperformed the state at every grade level, except grade 8 which is equal to the state:

    • Grade 3: 6 points higher

    • Grade 4: 7 points higher

    • Grade 5: 6 points higher

    • Grade 6: 4 points higher

    • Grade 7: 5 points higher

    • Grade 9: 2 points higher

    • Grade 10: 2 points higher

  • Similarly, we saw strong performance in math, outperforming the state at each grade level (except grade 8) and on Algebra I and Geometry End of Course assessments:

    • Grade 3: 8 points higher

    • Grade 4: 13 points higher

    • Grade 5: 15 points higher

    • Grade 6: 16 points higher

    • Grade 7: 27 points higher

    • Algebra 1: 15 points higher

    • Geometry: 13 points higher

  • In science and social studies, the same pattern of high achievement as compared to the state was seen in all assessed grades:

    • Grade 5 Science: 11 points higher

    • Grade 8 Science: 1 point higher

    • Biology: 6 points higher

    • Civics: 2 points higher

    • US History: 4 points higher

Other District highlights include:

  • Among the 67 Districts in the state, CCPS student achievement ranked fourth statewide for combined Grades 3-8 math and ranked sixth for Algebra 1.

  • In addition to our overall strong District performance in English Language Arts, Highlands Elementary, Big Cypress Elementary, and Oakridge Middle schools saw the highest gains from PM1 to PM3.

  • In Math, Village Oaks Elementary, Lake Park Elementary, Golden Gate Elementary, and East Naples Middle School had the highest gains from PM1 to PM3.

  • CCPS demonstrated gains in year-over-year performance in Grade 5 Science and Biology.

“We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students and schools and our overall District performance. CCPS continues to outperform the state, serve as a model for progress monitoring, and rank at the top of all Districts statewide. This is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that we implemented new standards for instruction and instructional materials in grades K-12 math and 6-12 ELA, as well as a new assessment system. We attribute our success to the hard work and perseverance of our students, teachers, staff, parents, administrators, district personnel, and strong community support.”

​ - Dr. Leslie C. Ricciardelli, Superintendent

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