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Real estate commission explained

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Real Estate commission is one of those things that people are always curious about but by trying to be polite are often hesitant to ask about. As such, I wanted to do a blog to break down commission and give a transparent explanation of how that money gets used.

We will start with some key points and then will show the financial picture.

Key Points:

  • Real Estate commission is the money that is paid by the seller for the sale of their real estate property.

  • It is set as a percentage of the property sale price.

  • Commission rates are not set universally but are typically set at 6% give or take. [Note: There are times when a home seller may also incorporate selling incentives/bonuses to encourage early/quick sale]

  • The commission rate is set during the listing agreement process between the listing agent and the property owner.

  • That agreed upon commission rate is paid regardless if the buyer has an agent representing them or not.

  • The commission is paid upon successful close of the sales transaction when other money is disbursed for the sale of the home.

  • The seller has the obligation to pay the commission upon close, unless a buyer has agreed to take responsibility as a part of their sales contract/offer.

  • The commission rate does not get modified from the original agreement unless a new legally binding agreement is agreed upon and signed between the brokerage representing the seller and the property owner.

  • The commission is actually paid to the brokerage company and the broker pays a % of the commission to the agent based on what their negotiated split was upon the agent joining the brokerage firm.

The Commission Financials Using an Example:

Property was listed for $315,000

An agreed upon sales contract allowed buyer to purchase home for $300,000 (95.2% of the list price)

Agreed upon commission rate was 6%, which is $18,000

Seller will receive $282,200 for the sale of their home

What happens to that $18,000 Commission and how much does the agent really make?

example of a real estate commission payout


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