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Selling waterfront properties

image of waterfront home

Do you own waterfront property in Southwest Florida that you are considering selling? Here are five considerations that are to help you prepare for such a sale to make sure you maximize your home sale launch on the market to result in the successful sale.

Because lakes (which our Northern friends refer to as ponds) are quite common in this area, this article is going to focus more on the canals and Gulf waterfront properties that are in smaller numbers and thus could go for more of a premium. Homes, even waterfront homes, do not sell themselves. The homes I am referring to in this article are often considered a luxury home sale and with that comes higher expectations and sometimes a more discriminate buyer. When it comes to selling these homes you are selling a lifestyle beyond the structure.

Having a qualified Real Estate professional with an aggressive and creative marketing plan will be key and they can guide you through many of these considerations.


When you think about the draw being the beautiful waterfront view, it only makes sense that the windows are a key part of enjoying that. Buyers will first experience the water from inside the home and start their assessment. Since these windows become such a key focus, I always recommend doing a few things to maximize their appeal

  • Make sure they are sparkly clean

  • Remove window treatments that distract from the view

  • Ensure sliders operate smoothly and that tracks are clean

  • Remove any obstruction in front of windows and sliders

  • Consider upgrading windows (and possibly hurricane protection) as a differentiator


When you are selling any home, curb appeal is always so important to focus on as it makes the first (and sometimes lasting) impression. What is unique about waterfront property is that you now have to consider that you have two (or more) sides to focus on for curb appeal. It isn't enough just to focus on the first impression from the driveway but also from the waterway. Some things to give attention to in this area are;

  • Ensure that the landscaping is nicely groomed

  • Remove any unneeded clutter between the house and the water... consider it another room to stage and style just like the ones in the house

  • Create stylish sitting/conversation areas

  • Keep pools and spas clean

  • Maximize outdoor lighting for dusk time previews

  • Add potted flowers to give pops of color


The shoreline is somewhat of a natural phenomena... the water laps up, the birds do their thing, the fish float up, etc. Since the water is what is bringing buyers to see your home, you better believe they are going to spend time on the shore line. As such, make sure it stays clean and presentable. Remove any debris that may get caught in and around your shore line. Even though the buyer intellectually understands this stuff comes and goes, they are visiting your property to imagine living their dream life and trash isn't in their dream life... so, removing it will just get you one step closer to your home being what they imagine.


If your waterfront property has a dock, this should also be an area to include in your preparations. Here are some tips for things you may want to do with the dock;

  • If you don't have a dock but could, consider having an architectural drawing created to show how a dock would look added to the property... again, remember lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle... help your buyers visualize this.

  • Ensure the dock is sturdy and safe... buyers will be walking out there and you don't want to have it be a hazard

  • A nice face lift could also be in order to brighten up worn out planks or accessories

  • If there is room, create a sitting area for them to enjoy the view

  • Although a boat parked at the dock provides a great visual for what size may fit there and reinforces the lifestyle your buyers can enjoy, make sure it doesn't block an otherwise awesome view. If you have to choose between a great water view and looking at the boat, choose the water and find a temporary storage place for the boat

  • Add lighting if you don't already have it to really make showings at dusk beautiful.


Beautiful photographs are not enough to promote your home to prospects. You need to ensure that you have fantastic, artistic and inspiring videos to emphasize the lifestyle. This would include capturing mesmerizing video footage of the property, land and water... but also blending in some action oriented video of boating, fishing, or other activities the future buyer can expect to enjoy when they live in your home. The visual pictures combined with compelling music or voice over goes a long way to making the experience feel like their own!

In addition to these five key areas, it is also a good idea to make sure that you and your agent know all the facts about your property such as;

  • Flood zone & Elevation... consider having 1-2 insurance companies run insurance quotes for prospective home buyers that you have on hand for showings/inquiries

  • Property/shoreline markers to show what buyers will inherit if they purchase your home

  • Age of Dock, dock accessories and seawall

  • Depth of water around your shore/dock at different times of the day and the season

  • Consider a pre-inspection for the dock/seawall in addition to the home itself

The key to selling your luxury waterfront home is to help prospective buyers fall in love through your detailed planning and preparation. Give me a call at 239-287-2576 and I am happy to visit your home to discuss how to get it sold for top dollar and help you accomplish your real estate goals.


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