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what's my home worth?

How important is it for your home valuation to be as accurate as possible?

Not very. I am happy to settle for an automated home valuation that isn't very reliable

I want something one step above those online automated valuations but am happy to settle for a quick valuation from an agent based on form input

Accuracy is really pretty important so I prefer an agent to come to see the property and provide a personalized home valuation

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so much better than automatic valuations

You will find many websites that offer to give you an instant Home Valuation are done using computer generated algorithms. However, your home is a serious investment and no computer generated algorithm can account for the unique aspects of it to give you a reflective assessment of it's worth. To that point, did you know that Zillows Zestimate using these very automated algorhytms was way off on the value prediction for it's own CEO when he went to sell his home... He sold it for significantly more than his Zestimate predicted and there are many many examples like this all over. 

In SW Florida there are key factors that affect the value of your home that are not captured in the online instant valuations such as , condition of the property, upgrades, major systems age, lot position and view, immediate community values (as they the instant valuations are applying a much broader geography pooling the entire area together without consideration to the community) and many more.

For that reason, we will be in touch to discuss the two levels of home valuation we offer...

Better - Market data on homes that have sold in your immediate community.

Best - A personalized home valuation that takes into account your homes unique features.

don't care about quality and still want an immediate valuation?

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