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things to consider in your search

When you are preparing to find your slice of paradise in Southwest Florida, there are really a few tiers to identifying the perfect place for YOU beyond just budget! Nearly every property search starts with a declaration that the buyer is looking for "a new home, close to the Gulf with great amenities, walking distance to conveniences and at a great price". The reality is, unless budget isn't a consideration at all, most buyers are faced with having to make trade-off decisions early on in their search to focus on the criteria that are most important. 

Getting connected with a client focused, highly-knowledgeable real estate professional that can help you sift through these factors in the most efficient way can make the process more productive with higher success rate and less stress!


Close your eyes and think about what lifestyle you want. How do you want to spend your free time? Would you like a more residential, year-round community with modest amenities but great location or do you prefer to have dining and resort-like amenities within your community that tend to attract a more seasonal crowd? Another key thing in lifestyle whether pets need to be considered in the equation because some places may not allow them at all. 


Do you prefer a large community with impressive amenities and newer construction or are you willing to compromise more on the dwelling and get closer to the Gulf? Are schools a consideration for your home selection? What things do you want and need to be near?


The combination of lifestyle and location (and budget) will start to refine the focus. Then, buyers can start to shop for communities that most closely align to their perfect place. Whether it is a community with acreage or a gated community with a built-in social foundation, there is something for everyone. 


So often, buyers want to lead with home selection as they have been starting to visit real estate websites to peek at properties. Unfortunately, this could cause you to be drawn to a home that when you overlay the other three tiers, it doesn't align with where you will end up. So, backing into your home search with a thoughtful approach will help lessen the feeling of disappointment that comes. When it comes to selecting the home, think through not only the rooms you need but the type of dwelling (condo, single family home, etc).

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