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10 most common flaws found during home inspections

image of home inspection report

The home inspection process is an opportunity for discovery... to provide buyers insights about the condition of the home as a part of their home buying decision making. A study of 50,000 home inspections were analyzed and results summarized on These are national findings and give you some insights into the more common findings.

Most of these ring true with my home inspection experience. There are however, a few that I would add to this list based on the Southwest Florida homes.

  1. Broken Window Balancers - This is at the top of the list of most common ones here. The heavier wind impact windows tend to wear down window balancers quick and because most people don't open their windows often, they don't notice it. These are easy repairs that cost about $100-$150 per window.

  2. Worn Out/Broken Outdoor Spa Control Buttons - The sun beats down on these controls making them not last more than a few years. Most people will cap them and just use remote controls versus invest money in fixing these.

  3. Uneven Pavers - Pavers are a popular outdoor solution in our area. However, not everyone does regular maintenance of these. If homeowners regularly add sand to the paver areas and sweep them. into cracks, it lessens the opportunity to uneven settling.

Below are the findings reported at a national level. If you are considering buying or selling a home in SW Florida, be sure to partner with a qualified real estate professional that can help lead you safely through this and other real estate processes.

common flaws found during home inspections


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