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2022 hottest home design trends

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Whether you are planning to tackle some remodeling, you are a home design junkie or you just curious what the designers are up to this year... here are some insights into some of the hottest design trends in homes for 2022.

image of the 2022 home design trends

Curves over corners

From architecture to furniture, the integration of curved shapes and organic lines within the home will be popular in 2022. Curves counter the “straight-line syndrome” of recent years, designers say. Expect to see more curvy furniture, arched openings, and barrel-vault ceilings. You may even see more arched windows and doors as well as curved ceilings for porches or decks and curved walkways.

Black as an accent

Black accents to add punch, dimension and a modern edge to a space. Black pairs well with other neutrals, is gorgeous on cabinets and really pops with metallic hardware adding drama and sophistication. Black accents and accessories are the epitome of chic and are one of the best ways to add contract and depth to neutral spaces.

​Sustainable Materials

Sustainable living and eco-friendly, ethical choices will remain a huge focus for many people. As homeowners seek tranquil, clutter-free homes they will pursue products that are more sustainable and practical such as furniture made from raw materials or reclaimed wood paints that are pure, natural, carbon neutral and 100% toxin-free.


Velvet is not new on the scene as it has been a huge trend over the last few years. However, it will remain a popular choice for many. With a shortage of furniture in the last year, homeowners may seek to re-upholster and repurpose existing furniture and velvet will be in the front seat.

Green is on the scene

The color trend is moving away from all-white or all-gray kitchens and bathrooms to the use of more nature inspired colors. Paint companies including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others named a shade of green as the top color trend for the coming year.

Biophilic Design

Who doesn't love nature? Why wait to go outside to enjoy it. Nature is moving inside in 2022. Homeowners are embracing “biophilic design” principles, which include more organic materials throughout interiors and maximizing sunlight, fresh air, plants, and other natural elements within the home.

Kitchens with Natural Elements

Homeowners are growing tired of the all-white kitchen and counters. Enter stage right the natural wood elements to add some spice. With cabinets, you an expect to see more wood and paint in warm or neutral hues. Counters are likely to mix it up to with mixed materials such as granite countertops paired with hardwood islands.

Multifunctional space

Although we expect to see more people making their way back to employer offices, there will continue to be a strong need and desire to have multipurpose spaces to get the most out of your home and to allow maximum versatility to flex spaces... offices with sleeping space... dens with workout space.


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