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Home improvements to help sell

image of kitchen

In March 2019, The National Association of Realtors shared the top 15 improvements to homes that helped earn top dollar and quicker sales. Given that any of us who may be considering a home sale now or in the future would certainly want to get top dollar and sell quicker, I wanted to share those with you. Read on to learn more about what those 15 improvements are.

The decision to make improvements or not is always a individualized decision as there are many factors to be considered including the financial investment. Not every improvement is going to bring recognized financial value should you be considering selling your home. Drum role please, here are those top 15 improvements that have a good ROI when it comes to resale.

1.Chef's kitchen/gourmet kitchen

2.Theater room

3.Home gym

4.Three-car garage

5.Solar panels

6.Quartz counters

7.Exterior lighting

8.Tennis court

9.Home office

10.In-ground pool


12.Security system


14.Smart home features

15.Walk-in closet

Given that this data covers the entire United States, it may not necessarily reflect local trends. So, I thought I would touch on the ones that are most relevant for South West Florida.

Kitchens... definitely at the top of list. With these open floor plans the desire to have attractive kitchens is a universal priority.

Three Car Garage... Given that storage is a premium in SW Florida and lots are small, when buyers find homes they love with three-car garages, it gives them that extra edge over the competition.

Solar Panels... Surprisingly, in the sunshine state, we haven't necessarily seen a big push for these. However, as the national trend continues, I think we are bound to see more interest in this in our area. NOTE: need to make sure the panels don't introduce insurance issues for roofs.

Quartz Counters... Certainly, there is still a good part of the population that really like the diversity that comes with Granite. However, Quartz is certainly considered a premium product because of the hygiene characteristics.

Exterior Lighting... Because living in Florida is so much about outdoor living, the appearance of the outside of the home in daylight and at night are important. Great exterior lighting gives a home that "pop" that makes it stand out.

Home Office... this is also a national priority that is true here in SW Florida. Having that extra room as a den/home office not only allows people a place to do their work at home but also offers flex space for guests if decorated as such.

In-Ground Pool... Not every homeowner wants the responsibility and maintenance that goes with having a pool in their backyard... but more often than not, having a pool in SW Florida can appeal to the majority of buyers. And having it updated and current in terms of appearance and systems is very important.

Smart Home Features... the appeal of having automated capabilities in your home appeals to a wide audience because it supports that easy lifestyle living we promote in SW Florida.

Walk-In Closet... I hit on the fact that storage space is limited above, so you can imagine this is a great selling feature. Not only having walk-in closets but having built-ins is like the cherry on top of the Sunday... more please!

If you are contemplating making improvements to your home, feel free to give me a call and I am happy to share insights and opinions on where you money will be best spent!


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