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What buyers are looking for with outdoor living

image of outdoor living

About once or twice a year, I have the honor of being interviewed by to contribute to an article they are working around that somehow relates back to Naples or beach living. Today, I was interviewed about outdoor living and what is popular in Naples for an article that will be published next week.

Here was my top list...

1. SUNLIGHT INSIDE: Our outdoor living starts inside and that overwhelmingly, people are looking for homes with lots of natural sunlight streaming in... lots of windows, transom windows, large sliders, etc.

2. MINIMAL BARRIER: Disappearing sliders that tuck behind the wall or stack with minimal visual disruption... disappearing corners... all popular options that make homeowners feel like their indoor and outdoor space are one.

3. POOLS: Pools are very popular here because they can be used year round and provide a beautiful space to relax, play and cool off. And water features are the cherry on top giving a spa like feeling.

4. COVER SPACE: Because we like to spend so much time outdoors but don't always want to be in the direct sun the entire time, the amount of covered space is important. People love to have enough space to allow dining and sitting area(s).

5. OUTDOOR KITCHENS: Indoor secondary dining areas aren't necessarily as important down here because we enjoy meals outdoors. Having a summer kitchen provides great convenience.

6. PROTECTION: Having hurricane protection on the edge of your covered lanais give peace of mind to be able to pull down while our seasonal people are gone or during increment weather to protect your outdoor belongings

7. REST ROOMS: No one wants to leave wet foot prints trailing through your home from the door to the bathroom.

What is your favorite outdoor option?


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