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2023 Hottest Home Design Trends

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HOT OFF THE PRESS! The top home design trends for 2023 are set to transform the way we approach interior decor. Good Housekeeping Magazine consulted with professional designers and industry experts to bring us the latest trends that will help you add style, vibrancy, and comfort to your living spaces. Here's a summary of the top home design trends for 2023.

  • Sustainable Design Choices: Sustainability is taking center stage, with consumers becoming more mindful of environmentally-friendly options in home design.

  • Indestructible Fabrics: People are looking for fabrics that mimic natural materials but are outdoor-rated, stain-resistant, and made from recycled plastic, offering both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Saturated Paint Colors: Bold, saturated wall colors, especially in bathrooms, are becoming a trend, adding a punch of color to living spaces.

  • Plaster: Plaster finishes are making a comeback, offering a handcrafted and comforting quality that sets them apart from other finishes.

  • Micro Luxury: The emerging micro-luxury trend focuses on decor made with plush, rich materials and textures, making glamorous home design more accessible and affordable.

  • Listening Rooms: Dedicated spaces for music, whether for creating or enjoying music, are gaining popularity as vinyl record sales continue to rise.

  • Natural Stone Slabs: Stone slabs are dominating backsplashes, countertops, and more, enhancing spaces with their uniqueness and beauty.

  • Muted Colors: Neutral, warm, and calming color palettes with deeper tones like plums and mustards are gaining popularity.

  • Enclosed Kitchens: More enclosed kitchen spaces are being favored over large open-concept designs, but with open shelving and less built-in-looking cabinetry.

  • Statement Lamps: Expect to see more saturated colors, glossy finishes, and elaborate lamp shades to add flair and character to your spaces.

  • Nostalgic Design: A sophisticated take on granny-chic style is evolving, creating a unique blend of nostalgia and modern design.

  • Blue & Meaningful Decor Accents: Ultramarine blue is the trending color for 2023, and meaningful heirlooms and antiques are being incorporated into home decor.

image of Ultramarine blue
  • Unique Window Treatments: Look for more embellished window treatments, such as fringe trim, scalloped-edge Roman shades, and shaped cornices, to personalize your windows.

  • Warm Woods: The use of warmer wood tones and an earthy color palette in furniture and fabrics is on the rise.

  • Stripes: Bold-toned plaid patterning is making a comeback, adding a traditional yet colorful element to your decor.

  • Statement Rugs: Rugs are becoming functioning floor art, creating a curated and artistic focal point in your home.

  • Soft-Modern Design: Soft-modern kitchen design combines high-gloss and matte finishes to create a balance of warmth and modernity.

  • Going Gold: Gold is making a comeback, replacing brushed nickel and emphasizing warm tones over cool ones.

  • High-Gloss Wood Finishes: High-gloss wood finishes are gaining popularity, bringing a polished look to interiors.

  • Craft Rooms: Dedicated craft and creation spaces are supporting mental well-being and offering an escape from the digital lifestyle.

  • Biophilic Design: The use of natural materials like bamboo, cork, and wood is on the rise, bringing the natural world into homes.

  • Warm Browns: Brown-based colors, including caramels, terra cottas, and deep corals, are gaining popularity, creating a soothing and cozy palette.

  • Jewel-Box Laundry Rooms: Laundry rooms are getting a glamorous makeover with shimmery finishes, rich patterns, and whimsical accessories.

  • Arches: Rounded door frames, thresholds, and ceilings are becoming popular, evoking an old-world architectural era and adding timelessness and softness to spaces.

Outdated trends for 2023 include the cookie-cutter farmhouse style, all-white kitchens, and gray interiors, which are being replaced with more personalized and colorful design choices. These trends offer exciting opportunities to refresh your living spaces, whether you're planning a major renovation or simply looking to update your home's decor with smaller design upgrades.


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