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Dining Find... dining with personality

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Naples is known for its breath and diversity of dining experiences. I often say that I could eat out every day and still not have hit them all. There are so many great restaurants in Naples it was hard to down select. But, I don't know about you...on those rare occasions when we venture out for a dinner, I always love some place with a little personality. Places that offer a setting that is just a little different than the others. Sure, some of the best places to eat in Naples may be in the most unassuming locations/settings... but for this post, I want to focus on five of my favorite restaurants on dining finds... places in Naples that offer personality.

So it's date night and you want something that doesn't look and behave like all the others. Here is a list of some of my go-to restaurants in Naples when I am considering the setting beyond just great food.

Not in any particular order here are a few to add to your list.

veranda e photo

Veranda E

290 5th Ave South

​Naples, FL 34102

​(inside the Escalante Hotel)


Veranda E is located in the heart of Naples... downtown Olde Naples. But unlike so many of its neighboring 5th Avenue restaurants, this boutique restaurant feels like you stepped away into a California countryside. Naples Daily News highlighted "Dining at Veranda E is al fresco, poolside and encompasses an entire wing of the hotel’s celebrated courtyard. It conjures images of Beverly Hills, vintage Palm Beach or a villa along the Riviera." In addition to being a quaint setting, the restaurant also features an on-premises sustainable organic garden to supply the breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

bayhouse image


799 Walkerbilt Rd

​Naples, FL 34110

The Bayhouseis part of a portfolio of great eateries owned by a local family. This isn't a place you will find on a normal drive-by. It is a hidden gem with Old Florida charm nestled along the Cocohatchee River. The restaurant showcases a variety of seating arrangements including outdoor seating on the waterfront deck and around the fire pit on the front patio, more casual atmosphere in the Claw Bar or the open setup in the formal dining area. The Bayhouse comes to life with its menu full of locally-grown and locally-sourced ingredients, the live music and the beautiful, serene setting.

mira mare photo

Mira Mare

4236 Gulf Shore Blvd N

Naples, FL 34103


Mira Mare is a quaint Italian restaurant located right on the Venetian Bay nestled in beautiful Park Shore. Outdoor dining offers a gorgeous waterside view. Not only is the view sought out but the authentic Northern Italian and seasonally inspired cuisine is just as attractive. The outdoor bar provides a wonderful picture backdrop for taking in the breathtaking Naples sunsets while listening to live music. Whatever mood you may be in upon arrival, you are sure to leave with a smile and a satisfied pallet. Worth noting is the great shops that are also a part of Venetian Village if you need to walk off any of your meal.

baleens photo


9891 Gulf Shore Drive

Naples, FL 34108

OK, I get it! Everyone is always looking for beachside dining. The reality is that Naples doesn't necessary offer a lot of options that put you in a front seat for the beach. Baleens is one of only a few options for a true beachside experience. The restaurant is a part of the popular LaPlaya resort and club. One given you can count on when visiting Baleens is a gorgeous sunset or relaxing waves slapping across the sugary sand beach. You can expect to see some great seafood options on the menu as well as other land-fare treats. They describe their menu as a "classy coastal twist on traditional favorites." Worth noting. One of the other top beachside dining options is Turtle Club just down the street. It was a toss-up on which to showcase for this article... both are great beach options.

celebration park photo

Celebration Park

2880 Becca Ave

Naples, FL 34112

By land or water, Celebration Park is arguably the most unique dining option in Naples. Imagine a true open restaurant with picnic tables, corn hole, a large outdoor bar and a diverse option of menus. Yes, I said menu's' plural, because Celebration Park's food selections are provided by multiple food trucks offering options that are sure to please a group of diverse preferences. One of the things I love about Naples dining is that even the most luxurious restaurants are filled with flip-flop wearing patrons. The casual vibe in Naples is at a whole new level with this creative concept. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is fun!

Worth noting, the owner and creator of Celebration Park provides another cool dining experience across the canal at Three60 market, one of my favorite places to stop in for lunch.

If you are a foodie or just someone who is looking for variety in dining options, Naples ranks high on the list of favorites to experience dining extravaganza. Please be sure to click here for some other recommended dining options.


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