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Things to do at the beach on cloudy days

image of cloudy beach

It's easy to love going to the beach on a beautiful, sunny day. But, sometimes cloudy days are the best times to visit the beach. You certainly have less traffic when the weather is dull and dreary. So, put on your sunscreen (yes, UV rays can be damaging even with overcast skies) and consider heading to the beach to do ones of the following;

  1. Photo Fitting - Overcast days produce some of the best photo moments. Take your family, pets or friends with you and grab some great photos. The sun is less intense making a beautiful backdrop for pictures and it is much more mild on the subjects too. Photographers will tell you that the light is much more evenly spread out helping avoid shadows and spots of illumination.This allows the light to radiate from every direction making it more aesthetically pleasing for photos.

  2. Shark Tooth or Shell Shopping - Having the sun hiding behind the clouds, which creates a more hospitable environment to hunt and explore for precious findings in the surf and on the beach. Pick out your perfect container and fill it with beautiful beach treasures... sand, rocks, shells and other memorable trinkets, This can then be taken home an used as a great decorative piece or even a gift for friends and family.

  3. Read and Relax - With some reprieve from the sun, you have the perfect setting for reading. Even your digital books are easier to read without the bright sun. To add to the ambiance, bring yourself a nice picnic to enjoy snacks and beverages. Really get into relaxation mode and recharge your batteries reading your favorite romance, self help or any other type of book that brings you joy.

  4. Reflect and Connect - When you venture to the beach in softer weather, you may find that your mind is in a special mode to reflect and connect. Seize the moment and take advantage of yoga, meditating, meaningful prayer or even deep conversations with someone special. With the sound of the waves, a cool breeze and the fresh air, your mind and body can reach a level of peace that you may not have the same opportunity for when the beaches are hot and crowded. Treat yourself.

  5. Walk and Talk - Embrace the opportunity to take a leisurely or intense stroll down the shoreline. Take off your shoes and let your toes explore the sand and water. Bring your earbuds to add your favorite tunes or even use the opportunity to catch up on some conversations with others in person or over the airways. Take in the views and move your body. The benefits of walking on sand are greater than walking on a flat surface by working the muscles in your feet and ankles with each step and burning more calories. Another benefit is that the sand absorbs impact making it better for the joints and back. As an extra added benefit, the sand can also do a great job exfoliating during your walk.

So the next time you see the sky turn a little gray and gloomy, rather than retreat, treat yourself and experience the beach.

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