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Homeowner Resources You Never Knew You Needed!

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In my time in real estate, you can imagine that dealing with home from every aspect, I am always on the prowl for helpful tools. I wanted to put together this collection of resources for your use so that you can keep it handy for the future.


The Energy Audit Checklist from the Energy Auditor Headquarters a fantastic resource you don't want to miss out on! This checklist can unveil potential energy and money-wasting culprits in your home. Sometimes, investing a few dollars in energy conservation can yield substantial savings over the years.


This checklist was developed by the National Center for Healthy Housing. This handy tool ensures you won't overlook essential tasks that sometimes get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. For instance, simply changing the air conditioning system filters on a monthly basis does more than keep the air clean; it can boost efficiency, save you money on utility bills, and even prevent potential service issues.


This resource allows you to methodically catalog your belongings in every room of your home, even providing space for photos – a potentially invaluable asset when needed. Creating and maintaining a Household Inventory proactively can help if you ever need it for insurance purposes. The link below is to an inexpensive and dynamic app to facilitate the inventory. Also, here is an article full of resources for home inventory.


Trying to figure out flood zones isn’t always an easy task. I have provided the FEMA online flood map below that allows you to enter an address and zoom in to see the flood zone. Keep in mind that it is critical to validate actual flood zones with an insurance company to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. Also, here is a cheat sheet that summarizes the various flood zones.


This is an exceptional interactive map brimming with comprehensive information on some of the finest walking locales in Florida. Whether you're a local, a snowbird, or contemplating a move to this scenic state, this map is certain to supply you with outstanding ideas for your next outdoor adventure.

HOME PROJECT ESTIMATOR is a comprehensive platform that offers estimated costs for a wide range of home projects, fixes, and improvements. While there can be variations based on location and region, I've found this tool to be an excellent resource for obtaining ballpark figures related to household projects. Whether you're planning a renovation, considering home improvements, or just curious about the potential costs of various projects, this website can be a valuable guide.


This tool provides summary information on calls received by the Collier County Sheriff's Department. Updated every four hours and enriched with preliminary data from the public, it empowers you to stay updated on local happenings. I also wanted to share a valuable article that highlights the safest places to live. Naples proudly secures the #2 spot on this list.


Have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing the awe-inspiring sunsets on the West coast of Florida? The way the colors blend across the sky is nothing short of mesmerizing. Given your interest in Naples, I thought you'd appreciate this handy tool that provides real-time sunrise and sunset information. You can even pinpoint the perfect time to witness these breathtaking sights for any day of the year.


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