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Use lender money for home renovations

image of two people doing home renovations

You set a budget and start shopping for your next dream home. After countless showings you just can't seem to find that special home that fits the bill. You start walking through trade-offs and which home can come closest to being a good fit... but the reality is you feel like the compromises are too great. If only that perfect home for you was on the market for you to snatch up. If you are coming up empty, perhaps you should think about one that has a majority of what you want but with some renovations it could be the one. Now you have to figure out how to fund those improvements if you don't have a bundle of money sitting in the corner waiting for you to spend it on home renovations.

Perhaps a loan that allows funding for renovations might be a viable option for you. Hear what John Johnson from the mortgage firm suggests.

Interested in learning more or working with John? You can contact him at:

John Johnson

Mortgage Loan Officer

c: 407-973-0023

o: 863-899-2686

f: 407-358-5466

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