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How do your homes sell so fast

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Because most of the properties I have been the listing agent on sell quicker than competition and often for more, I have gotten the question quite a bit on why I think that is. Since the question has come up so frequently, I thought It was worth doing a post on this very topic that seems to have others scratching their heads.

Let me start right away by dispelling any hunches that I believe that I am the sole reason for these great outcomes, because I don't believe that for a minute. I do believe I play a valuable role in the results... but getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar takes a true partnership between the homeowner and the listing agent... and some luck and God given blessings doesn't hurt!

Here are the factors that I do control that have enabled the success to date with my listings...

1) Pricing... Data Driven Approach - I fully leverage my MBA and Corporate experiences as a Six Sigma Blackbelt (statistical analysis) and Mergers and Acquisitions leader (Financial analysis) to help me do a thorough analysis of the market to help my home owners make informed decisions about the best price to list their home. This doesn't mean that we list it low to sell it quick. In fact, the last listing I got under contract in 3 days was the highest priced home in the community to hit the market in the last two years. But, it is key to not only understand the historical sales but the value proposition for the home you are listing. And getting the price right up front is key because you will never have more traffic on your listing than you do in that first week on the market.

2) Presentation... Appealing to the broadest possible pool of buyers - I take advantage of my 20 years as an executive where I moved every two years, which meant home buying frequently. I also benefit from having worked for a builder helping customers make all their home selections, which gave me a sense of what buyers are looking for. Another important vantage point is that unlike many realtors who work on the listing side and only do listings, I carve out 50% of my time to work with buyers, which helps me to stay current on buyer preferences and behavior that I utilize on the listing side. Using these experiences, I work closely with the home owners to help them prepare their home for photographs, videos and showings. Once we have the home ready, I go the extra mile to capture information and images of the home that will appeal to buyers. This includes presenting lifestyle, community and the home through a variety of medians including aerial photography and video, interior professional photography and cinematic walk-throughs and lifestyle videos and testimonies.

3) Promotion... Getting the home in front of the most likely buyers and their agents. This is an area that I believe I really excel in. I take my strategic and creative skills and put together a marketing strategy that will be most effective in reaching the most probable buyers and agents. It is not unusual for me to have interested parties lined up before the home even hits the market because I start pounding the pavement as soon as we have a signed listing agreement. I do real estate as a full time and a half job. My week starts early Monday mornings with a plan for the week... who will I contact... how will I promote my listings... etc. This isn't a hobby or a part time job, but a full time endeavor that I give my all to. I leverage a variety of medians in my 20-point marketing strategy to ensure that the property is getting the visibility with the right audiences to drive interest, showings and ultimately offers.

Naples is lucky to have a number of great real estate agents to choose from. If you are considering listing your home for sale, I encourage you to do your due diligence to make sure you are working with one of those great agents keeping in mind that it is also important to ask agents about the homes they haven't been able to sell. Some high volume agents may have impressive sales numbers because the more you list, the more you sell... but make sure that you also consider what they haven't been successful in selling. I am proud of the fact that I have sold every home I have listed and have earned the 5-star ratings 100% of my customers have awarded me. I do this by limiting the number of listings I will take and giving 150% to the successful sale of those homes. I would be honored to interview for the role of being your real estate partner.

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