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Naples Schools Shine on College Board’s 2023 AP Honor Roll: A Triumph in Educational Excellence

Nine schools in Naples have recently earned well-deserved recognition on the prestigious 2023 College Board AP School Honor Roll. This accomplishment underscores the commitment to academic excellence and access to advanced coursework in the Naples school district.

AP School Honor Roll Levels and Naples' Exceptional Achievements

The College Board's AP School Honor Roll distinguishes schools across four levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. A remarkable feat, only 4,570 schools—merely 30 percent of private, public, and charter high schools in the United States and Canada—made it to the 2023 AP School Honor Roll. Within this elite group, only 886 high schools, or 6 percent of those eligible, achieved the highest Platinum level.

Naples' Platinum Achievers: Community School of Naples and The Village School of Naples

Two Naples schools, the Community School of Naples and The Village School of Naples, secured the exclusive Platinum designation. This places them among the top 6 percent of high schools in the United States and Canada, reflecting their exceptional dedication to providing students with a robust, college-level education.

Dennis Chapman, Head of School for The Village School, expressed immense pride in achieving this distinguished recognition. "We are extremely proud to achieve this distinction, which is a reflection of our clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced college-level coursework," he stated.

The Wider Recognition: Gold, Silver, and Bronze Levels

Apart from the Platinum achievers, several other Naples schools also received commendable recognition:

  • Gold with Access: Mason Classical Academy

  • Silver with Access: Saint John Neumann High School, Barron Collier High School, Gulf Coast High School

  • Silver: First Baptist Academy

  • Bronze with Access: Naples High School, Golden Gate High School

Each level represents a significant accomplishment, showcasing the diverse range of schools in the Naples area committed to providing quality education and access to advanced placement courses.

The Significance of AP Courses in College Preparedness

Trevor Packer, Head of Advanced Placement and Instruction for College Board, emphasized the positive impact of AP courses on students' college journeys. Taking AP courses and exams increases the likelihood of college attendance and on-time graduation. Even for those not earning college credit, the exposure to college-level work during high school provides invaluable experience and builds confidence for future success.

Criteria for Recognition: A Balanced Approach

To earn a place on the AP School Honor Roll, schools must meet specific criteria. These include a substantial percentage of the graduating cohort taking at least one AP Exam, a significant percentage scoring 3 or higher on at least one exam, and a portion of the cohort taking five or more AP Exams, with at least one in 9th or 10th grade.

Looking Ahead: Naples Schools' Commitment to Excellence

The recognition of Naples schools on the 2023 AP School Honor Roll is a testament to the dedication of educators, students, and administrators in fostering an environment of academic achievement. As these schools continue to prioritize equitable access to advanced coursework, the future looks promising for the Naples education system, further enriching the learning experiences of students and preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

SOURCE: Florida Weekly 12/14/03: Naples schools earn distinction in College Board’s 2023 AP Honor Roll


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